Ultra-mobile core network software technology.

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30 years
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AttoCore develops ultra-mobile core network software technology that can be deployed in consumer, professional, government and enterprise scenarios. Deployment can be as a standalone network, or interconnected with existing network services to extend wireless services anywhere in the world.

AttoCore was founded in September 2014. The team has more than 30 years experience of developing 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile core software.

Ultra-mobile core network software technology

AttoCore produces core network products that deliver revenue into your business. We have a particular emphasis on quality, scalability and performance from our extensive experience in design, architecture and automated testing. All our products have extensive automated, nightly testing which gives us a real edge on reliability, performance, scalability and conformance.

AttoCore is enhancing mobile networks by enabling operators to deploy full core network functionality in a distributed and cost-effective way. Our software can be deployed in public networks, including extensions to existing networks and in private networks.

As with a public network extension, a private network consists of one or more small cells, but with the addition of a dedicated private network specific Mobile Core. This Mobile Core can be deployed in the Cloud, or can be located directly on premise, in the enterprise. Being distinct from the public network, it is normally the case that users of the private network require a private network SIM and may be required to use dedicated devices.

AttoCore serves private networks through its Atto5GC (5G Standalone Core) and AttoEPC (4G EPC) products. Atto5GC and AttoEPC provide the enterprise with all of the benefits of a 3GPP standards compliant Mobile Core, including support for voice, handover between small cells and support for PS data. Atto5GC and AttoEPC provide the enterprise with a much higher level of control, including the opportunity to deploy additional services, such as IoT, which may not be implemented within the public network.

AttoCore processes can be centralised in the Cloud, or distributed through the network in a number of different ways. Thus, it is possible to deploy Private Networks, using hybrid configurations of the Atto5GC, AttoEPC and AttoEdge software with third party EPCs :


4G Evolved Packet Core

The first version of our EPC, AttoEPC was released in June 2015 and is providing packet switched services to 4G users.

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Small Cell Gateway

Our first dedicated private network product, AttoGateway aggregated Small Cells into a single network element and integrates them into a public network.

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Cloud service

We added to the proven capabilities of AttoEPC the ability to deploy in a public, hybrid, or private Cloud.

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Location Based Services

Launch of AttoLCS used to provide Location Services within an LTE core network. Optionally, a GPS device can be plugged into the AttoLCS

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Launch of AttoEdge, which provides public network extension, including data offload, for enterprise and residential application.

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5G is here

This year sees the introduction of many exciting new innovations, including the addition of IoT functionality and the first release of Atto5GC, our standalone 5G Core.

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