An easy to deploy 5G core, at price levels which are significantly lower than the products of the established tier 1 vendors.

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Standalone 5G Core 

Particular well suited to deployment at the Network Edge, Atto5GC is a next generation software product, which is implemented as discrete software applications on top of the Linux operating system.

Atto5GC can be deployed as a component of a Private Network solution to support the users of a standalone closed user group, or between connected networks.

Typical deployment scenarios include :

4G packet core

Highly compact cost-effective flexible scalable


5G core

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Highly compact, Atto5GC can be implemented on low end COTS servers, or can utilize available CPU capacity in a radio by embedding directly into available CPU cores within the radio itself. It can be containerized using Docker, orchestrated using Kubernetes and deployed on NFV platforms.

Atto5GC is implemented to the same high quality standards as AttoCore’s field proven AttoEPC and is suitable for deployment in a wide range of applications. In addition to matching the quality of AttoEPC, Atto5GC also provides similar functionality to AttoEPC.

This functionality includes:

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