AttoCore products are used in government, consumer, professional and enterprise applications.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our products can be deployed at the Mobile Edge, embedded in the eNodeB or in the network core data center. This, in conjunction with our highly scalable and efficient design, allows us to support a diverse range of applications. The applications can mix and match Network Functions embedded in the eNodeBs with ones running in the data center, illustrating the flexibility and scalability of our code base. Intelligently choosing the location of the Network Functions can lead to significant cost, scale and fault-tolerance benefits.

Fixed Wireless Access

We have four deployment scenarios. Which scenario is deployed depends on the operator’s requirements for the location of the HSS (at the Mobile Edge or inside the Core Network) and the location of the user traffic breakout (at the Mobile Edge or inside the Core Network).


For Enterprise, we address two scenarios : Private Network (Private LTE and Private 5G) deployments are addressed using our AttoEPC and Atto5GC, to deliver to the enterprise discrete services, independent from the public network. Public Network Extensions are addressed using our AttoEdge, which consists of an S1 Gateway (AttoS1GW) and a Local Gateway (AttoLGW).

Critical Communications

For Critical Communications, we have deployments where our embedded AttoEPC runs inside a ruggedized eNodeB, which is deployed inside the mobile Command and Control vehicle, providing a reliable bubble of coverage to the area.

Internet of Things

For the Internet of Things, AttoEPC and Atto5GC provide highly scalable, flexible and low cost 4G and 5G core solutions, suitable for deployment in enterprises and remote locations, enabling IoT where macro network coverage is not available, or can not deliver the required functionality and cost effectiveness.