A scalable, flexible and portable solution providing packet switched services and voice services over LTE.

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4G Evolved Packet Core 

AttoEPC is a 4G Evolved Packet Core delivered as a highly compact executable, implemented as distinct Linux applications, which can be deployed :

4G packet core

Suitable for Drones


Suitable for Private Networks Drones Critical Communications

For small networks and isolated areas

AttoEPC can cost-effectively scale down to support the very smallest networks, making it suitable for deployment on small islands, or as a remotely located rural network extension AttoEPC can be deployed at the network edge, in enterprises, industrial verticals such as oil & gas and in mines.​​


AttoEPC software processes support standard 3GPP interfaces and are interoperable with 3GPP standards compliant base stations, devices and support systems.

A reliable tool TO assist EMERGencY SERVICES

High-quality software and a small footprint executable make AttoEPC well suited to deployment in embedded applications which are of particular use where there is a requirement for portability in the solution itself. Typical uses include emergency service first responders, government and the military, search and rescue.


// About this product

AttoEPC has been created as a forward-looking packet switching product

 By eliminating the burden of support for legacy 2G and 3G functionality, AttoEPC is designed and implemented to maximise performance and simplify the introduction of 4G functionality. A state of the art approach to development and a focus on specific use cases all combine to make AttoEPC very compact and capable of being run in very low-end computers.

AttoEPC is implemented as distinct Linux applications, maximising deployment flexibility. These applications can be deployed directly on the bare metal of a standalone COTS server. This COTS server could be located remotely, in an enterprise, or could be deployed in a data centre, or in the Cloud.

AttoEPC can also be embedded directly onto a spare processor core on a radio chip. It can also be deployed in a Docker Container, contributing to a more comprehensive NFV solution.

AttoEPC software can provide unlimited support for UEs and eNodeBs, but the capabilities of the hardware platform also define capacity. When deployed on a COTS server, AttoEPC software running on a smaller, less capable server, will be able to support less capacity than software running on a larger server. When embedded in an eNodeB, AttoEPC provides support for a single physical eNodeB. The number of UEs supported will be defined by the capabilities of the eNodeB hardware.

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Capabilities supported by AttoEPC

PS data, Optional internal HSS, Synchronisation between centralised (master) and distributed (slave) HSS processes, Intra-MME handover, Multiple eNodeBs, Web-based management, NITZ support, IoT, Cell Broadcast, MONeH, Network Slicing, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), IPv4 and IPv6.


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