AttoCore develops ultra-mobile core network software technology that can be deployed in consumer, government, professional and enterprise applications.

Ultra-mobile core technology

Our core network products are equally at home on the small scale, embedded directly in an eNodeB, through servers and data centers and into the cloud. The same code base and verification methodologies are used regardless of the deployment model.


AttoEPC can be used for private networks, such as those which are enabled by CBRS, for military and public safety applications, for Fixed Wireless Access, delivering mobile broadband in rural networks and for small public networks, such as those serving communities living on islands.​


Atto5GC is AttoCore’s innovative 5G standalone core. Created to the same quality standards as AttoEPC, it gives service providers, systems integrators and enterprises the opportunity to cost-effectively deploy native 5G networks at a smaller scale than the products of the tier 1 legacy equipment vendors.


Small footprint and high quality combine to make AttoCore software the right solution for tactical military and critical communications applications. AttoLCS provides Location Based Services which are easily deployed on drones, in vehicles and in backpacks, along side third party applications including IMS and Push To Talk.


AttoEdge enables data offload at the enterprise network edge, rerouting data traffic away from the costly and contended radio network onto the public internet, or private enterprise data network, which have been created specifically to carry large volumes of data at very low cost.


To achieve the platform-independent homing of network functions, all AttoCore products are compiled and built once for embedded environments and separately compiled and built for data center environments.

Easily operable

The embedded version is optimised for a small footprint and with ease of operation in mind. It’s single executable fits easily into spare processor core capacity present in the eNodeB, or gNB and can be configured to use as many of these spare cores as are required to meet performance and capacity requirements.

Continued service

The data center version can be configured for additional resources where needed, for example additional threading. It includes automatic load balancing, fail-over and restart logic, for continued service availability.

High quality solutions

AttoCore products are developed by industry professionals with extensive experience in design, architecture and automated testing and are characterized by an emphasis on scalability, high quality, maximum flexibility, and excellent performance.