Towards The New Diversified Network

Diversified network

If you represent a government, regulator, service provider or systems integrators with an interest in telecoms vendor diversification, AttoCore is definitely the vendor to turn to. Particularly well suited to deployment in private networks, AttoCore’s products are ideally suited to supporting O-RAN deployments in enterprise and Smart City, Neutral Host networks. This paper explains the […]

Realising the potential of Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed wireless access

THE HISTORIC PROMISE OF FWA Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) has often been positioned as the principal alternative to wired infrastructure in rural areas, as a means to provide to rural communities the same level of telecommunications services enjoyed by their urban counterparts. Removing the dependence on a “copper drop” that implements the first mile between […]

Enhancing the enterprise mobile experience

5G mobile network

AttoCore’s mobile core software products, AttoEPC and AttoEdge, combined with small cells radiating in shared spectrum, such as that enabled by the USA’s CBRS program, are the building blocks for enterprise grade mobile networks. These networks are cost effective, easy to deploy and operate, solve known problems, conform to the same 3GPP standards which underpin […]

Putting the network in a box

internet of things

WE’VE COME A LONG WAY Parking up my car to visit my local town centre, I walk right past the old telephone exchange building. I spent a lot of time in those buildings, awestruck at the vast amounts of equipment deployed to deliver fixed narrowband voice services to the masses. It is amazing to think […]