AttoCore Wins With 5G Logistics

5G Create Project Will Support A Range Of Applications In Bristol And Gravity Smart Campus


Cambridge, UK, 1st February 2021 – AttoCore, the developer of scalable and flexible 4G and 5G core network solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to participate in the UK government’s 5G Create programme, as a consortium partner of the 5G Logistics project.

AttoCore is one of a large group of partners forming the 5G Logistics consortium, which is led by WECA (West of England Combined Authority). The 5G Logistics project will develop 5G products and services to support operations at Bristol Port and Gravity Smart Campus and demonstrate a smart and dynamic port environment.

The project will focus on security, traceability, and real-time tracking of goods within and across extendable virtual boundaries. It will demonstrate how 5G non-public (private) network capabilities can offer efficiency and productivity improvements to the logistics sector and more widely, allowing real-time location tracking of individual items, improvements to road traffic management and replacing low value, manually-intensive processes with 5G enabled autonomous systems.

AttoCore’s role in the project will be to deliver its Atto5GC Standalone Core into two private networks which will be deployed in Bristol and at the Gravity Smart Campus. The private networks will be deployed with the Release 15 standard, upgrading to the Release 16 standard following development and will be implemented in the n77 band, allocated by Ofcom to support the deployment of private networks in the UK.

In addition to the consortium lead, WECA, consortium members include Universities, technology vendors, infrastructure owners, application developers, public sector agencies and logistics companies.

Commenting on the involvement of AttoCore in the 5G Logistics project, David Neil, AttoCore CEO said “We are really pleased that the 5G Logistics project has been selected to receive a grant as part of the UK Government’s 5G Create programme. AttoCore’s Atto5GC Standalone Core will sit at the heart of the private networks implemented in the n77 band and, along with the products and services of our consortium partners, will enable a broad range of innovative applications, all of which will greatly benefit from the superior capacity, latency and advanced features which are inherent in 5G Networks. This project is another high profile showcase for private networks in the n77 band and for telecoms vendor diversification.”


About AttoCore

AttoCore develops ultra-mobile core network software technology that can be deployed in consumer, enterprise and service provider scenarios. Small footprint and high quality make it particularly well suited to non-public (private) network, neutral host and rural Fixed Wireless Access applications. Deployment can be at the enterprise site, in the Cloud, as a standalone network, or interconnected with existing network services to extend wireless services anywhere in the world.