5G & 4G solutions for public and private networks.

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Enterprise applications

Easy to deploy on low end COTS servers and more than compact enough to embed directly into small cells, AttoCore software is ideally suited to deliver the incremental functionality which adds value to enterprise mobile networks. Open interfaces facilitate interworking with third party applications such as Push To Talk (PTT). AttoCore provides high quality solutions for both public network extensions and private networks (Private 5G and Private LTE) through its Atto5GC, AttoEPC and AttoEdge products.

The flexibility and scalability of AttoCore software means that it can be deployed in many ways, implementing many different architectures and so support a wide range of enterprise applications.

Some examples include :

entreprise application

Enterprise mobile networks are ideal for the deployment of 5G and 4G small cells, which provide enterprise grade coverage and capacity solutions, at prices significantly lower than those associated with the macro base stations, which are typically used by the national Mobile Network Operators to provide public network coverage.

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private network

Shared spectrum programs such as CBRS allow new entrant service providers, systems integrators and enterprises to deploy 5G and 4G based enterprise grade mobile networks in spectrum which is not restrictively licensed and so is not owned by a national Mobile Network Operator.  These are Private Networks and the technology used to build them is typically known as Private 5G, Private LTE, or Private Cellular.

As with a public network extension, a private network consists of one or more small cells, but with the addition of a dedicated, private network specific Mobile Core (5G Standalone Core or 4G Enhanced Packet Core). This Mobile Core can be deployed in the Cloud, or can be located directly on premise, in the enterprise. Being distinct from the public network, it is normally the case that users of the private network require a private network SIM and may be required to use dedicated devices.

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AttoCore serves Private Networks through its Atto5GC (5G) and AttoEPC (4G) products. Atto5GC and AttoEPC provide the enterprise with all of the benefits of  a 3GPP standards compliant Enhanced Packet Core, including support for voice, handover between small cells and support for PS data. AttoEPC provides the enterprise with a much higher level of control over services, including the opportunity to deploy additional services, such as IoT, which may not be implemented within the public network.

AttoCore processes can be centralised in the Cloud, or distributed through the network in a number of different ways. Thus, it is possible to deploy Private Networks, using hybrid configurations of the Atto5GC, AttoEPC and AttoEdge software with third party EPCs :


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public network extension

Using small cells and AttoCore supplied software, public network operators can provide enterprise grade solutions which deliver the coverage and capacity enhancements available through the deployment of DAS (Distributed Antenna System) based solutions, but also offer incremental benefits to the enterprise.

As extensions of the public network, these network extensions could operate in newly deregulated shared spectrum, but are typically implemented in the licensed spectrum currently owned and operated by Mobile Network Operators. Users of the network will typically bring their own device, including the use of standard, MNO supplied SIMs.

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Within the enterprise, the small cells and AttoCore software which constitute the public network extension may be owned by a third party, such as a systems integrator and can operate as a multi operator solution, or neutral host (MONeH), where the same network infrastructure within the enterprise is providing network services for multiple network operators. Multi operator neutral host networks can be implemented by using small cells supporting multiple PLMNs, or by deploying multiple sets of small cells, each dedicated to a specific operator.

AttoCore serves 4G Public Network Extensions through its AttoEdge product, which provides significant benefits to the enterprise and the Mobile Network Operator, including signalling and data encryption, S1 concentration, enterprise network isolation and SIPTO based data offload.


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